Install Oxide


Oxide is a tool for managing dependencies and bundling circuits for Zero-Knowledge Proofs. It provides a registry of curated circuits for you to use in your project, installs them for you, and allows you to run Zero-Knowledge Proofs with a single call from any JS file.

Additionally, you can publish your own circuit (A single local circom file) for it to be available as a bundle for you and other users.

Currently Oxide only supports running in JavaScript projects.

System Requirements

Oxide requires Python 3.9 or more recent.

It works equally well on Linux, Mac, and Windows.


The simplest way to install Oxide is through pip, the Python installer. If you don't have that, you can get it at:

With pip installed, run the following command to install oxide globally:

$ sudo -H python3 -m pip install ironmill-oxide

Once that's complete, you can check that oxide has succesfully installed with:

$ oxide --version

Next Steps

Next, let's get familiar with the basics of Oxide. Check out the tutorial here: